Cloud hosting in Ukraine

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Site placement in Ukraine is a good choice for projects of medium and small scale, aimed at a specific market. Our site is optimal in terms of price / quality ratio and provides the highest reliability and uninterrupted operation of your sites. All sites are hosted on HP hardware with SSD drives.

Cloud Start Cloud Business Cloud Enterprise

Cloud Start

Suitable for small sites

33.00$/ month

Cloud Business

Suitable for corporate sites

66.00$/ month

Cloud Enterprise

Suitable for corporate and heavy sites

1111.00$/ month

Domains 1 10 20
Disk space (SSD) 1 GB 10 GB 20 GB
MySQL Databases 1 20 40
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Mail Services
Mailboxes unlimited unlimited unlimited
Send mails 200 / day 500 / day 1000 / day
CentOS 7
PHP 5.6
PHP 7.0 - 7.4
Let's Encrypt
Web Disk
Technical support
Technical support via tickets
Technical support via E-mail
Pricing USD UAH
1 month 33.00$ 66.00$ 1111.00$
6 months 1818.00$ 3636.00$ 6666.00$
1 year 3636.00$ 7272.00$ 132132.00$
Additional services
Additional IP 33.00$ / month 33.00$ / month 33.00$ / month

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